Port Charlotte Mall Food Court Bathrooms.


1441 Tamiami Trail.

Is This Your Business?

These stalls are all tiled with an opening on the bottom sides of each one about a foot in length, plenty of room for privacy.
Crowd: Younger men, married men, college dudes, nice mix but nothing too old.

Neighbourhood: Port Charlotte

Who's Coming

Younger men, married men, college dudes, nice mix but nothing too old.

I-75 to exit 179 head west on Toledo Blade Blvd go about 5 miles until you get to U.S.41. Make a left heading south about 1 mile. You will see the mall on the right hand side along with TOYS R' US.
Cross street: U.S. 41 And Murdock Circle.
  • Crowd:Younger men, married men, college dudes, nice mix but nothing too old.
  • Hours:9am-9pm (Mall Hours)
    Best times: Between 3pm and 9pm. Best time is between 5pm and 7pm.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Walk into the of your choice and look under. Tap of the foot slowly will get some attention as well as shadow movements.
    Cruisiest Spots: Bathroom s. There are 6 s, anything past the third is where you'll find the action.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:Yes
  • Warnings:Nothing bad about this spot. You have your occasional cleaner come in but thats about it.
    Warnings: None, these s are perfect for privacy because of the smaller openings on the bottom sides of them.
whos coming to Port Charlotte Mall Food Court Bathrooms.
  • Is this place still happening?

    Commented on 4/17/2009 1:58:39 AM

  • Ok honestly all u trolls that commented about my screen name jxplorerFIVE0. u really think the cops would be that stupid to advertise with that kind of screen name\????? u trolls are so paranoid about meeting up with a guy thats 22 i wonder why?? must be that u are all so used to hookin up with each other that when a guys see a profile that says 22 and in port charlotte of all places is too go to be true. Have fun going to this towns only gay bar. o wait i mean hole in the wall

    Commented on 3/19/2008 2:10:38 AM

  • Right or not it was just strange the way he was requesting only to meet at the mall bathrooms. He won't even answer any emails I send him now. Need to get the word out to everyone to stay away from this one!

    Commented on 5/26/2007 7:56:47 AM

  • I noticed he quit posting after your comment. You must have been right.

    Commented on 5/26/2007 7:32:24 AM

  • He asked me for a face pic as well. When I didn't send one, he stopped writing back to me. He must be a cop!

    Commented on 5/21/2007 9:23:59 AM

  • Oh now that makes sense finally. He imed me asking for a face pic. I should have realised.

    Commented on 5/18/2007 11:38:27 AM

  • Be careful with this one guys. Whoever posted this site is probably a cop. The screen name is jexplorerfive0. Doesn't that sound like a "cop" name. He is posting in several places and trying to get people to meet only at the mall bathrooms. I remember when people were getting arrested there for this kind of stuff. BE CAREFULL!

    Commented on 5/18/2007 8:45:31 AM

  • I've been here twice now. I haven't seen anything going on. Is this post for real?

    Commented on 5/14/2007 1:40:14 AM