CLOSED: Sagitario ciber


Near of Street Patricio Lynch 1278

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ciber cafe located in centre of south of chile near of puerto montt. there are 15 cabins and you can't see the face but you can see the people sit next to you and mostly . make sure the person next to you is gay or like . You can go from 9 am and find someone grabbing his .

near of bus station Patricio Lynch street 1 1/2 streets
  • some people are not gay but mostrly who go there are gays o like jerk off. I always be alert.
whos coming to Sagitario ciber
  • Ciber is in Osorno City 100 km from Puerto Montt, in front of "Mercado" there is a supermarket and ciber is next to the supermarker Bigger. Sorry but I try to locate in google map but is not working.

    Commented on 12/4/2011 5:08:59 PM