Four Season Hotel


Kingdom Center

Is This Your Business?

Sauna and steam room often used by men wanting . Just don't have there; go to his/your room. You can get away with some discreet fondling in the darker areas.
Crowd: Mostly caucasian/european men.

Neighbourhood: Riyadh

Who's Coming

Mostly caucasian/european men.

Very accessible
  • Crowd:Mostly caucasian/european men.
  • Directions:Very accessible
  • Hours:Evenings
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Just relax. Be very discreet. Don't be too obvious or too brach. Wait for the signal (a smile and or a wink, intense eye contacts, an invitation, lip licking, flashing, etc).
    Cruisiest Spots: Sauna and steam room.
  • Nudity / Policy:Yes / No outright nudity but -flashing seems to be the norm;
    pretend you are fixing up your towel or it "accidentally" fell.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Be careful of other men wanting to crowd you if you are too obvious.
    Warnings: Don't have there; it's more enjoyable in the privacy of his or your room.
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