808 N Arrowhead

Is This Your Business?

The location isn't great. The neighborhood seems depressed and slightly rundown. There was a strung out guy sitting in his car next to me at a red light talking to himself-in a heated discussion with some invisible person. The spa itself has a parking lot which is needed. The interior of the spa is low budget at best. Not much money went in to the facilities here and what they do have is old. The steam room is small, dark and very wet. You sit in puddles on the small benches. Puddles of water and everything else. Guys are jacking off in here. The jacuzzi is portable and not very hot. There is a dark room with some sort of strange contraption that looks like a small photobooth at a country fair. There is a dark room with a television showing . Guys jacking off but for some reason, it just wasn't hot. I don't remember seeing a dry sauna. There is a very low budget weight room but there are people smoking nearby. There are private rooms but I believe you have to spend the night if you want one. Now, the clientele; mostly lower income men. Some very old, some overweight, some latinos that seemed bored. Friendly staff gives a warm welcome but this isn't anything fancy or new. No attitude but these are not the types you would socialize with either. Weho studs would be out the door in seconds!

  • If you must go hang out in the darkened hallways and follow your guy to the steam room or his private room.
whos coming to tbt
  • Playful1982.....where do you go now?

    Commented on 2/15/2014 12:37:34 PM

  • I agree with who posted this. This is not a place for people under 30, or people that are middle or high class brackets. It is a great idea, to bad it is in a bad location. :-(

    Commented on 8/7/2010 12:11:48 AM