Mae\'s Phinney Ridge Cafe


6412 Phinney Avenue North


Is This Your Business?

Have you visited our moo-velous Mae's Phinney Ridge Café? Don't answer that! Just gather the herd and get on up to the Ridge. We're servin' up some mighty fine breakfast dishes that are sure to satisfy. In fact, we have so many choices that it might not be a bad idea to take a look at our menu right here on the web site (and then print out your 10% off coupon) before y'all come in.
We open up everyday at 7 a.m. By that time we've brewed a nice fresh pot of the best coffee in the neighborhood. We roast the beans right here at the café. Steve-o has baked up our 30 zillionth famous homemade cinnamon roll and the biscuits are ready to roll.
Our days are always full of surprises but mostly things stay the same. You can count on a great breakfast any day of the week. We're pretty busy on the weekends so leave yourself some time, especially if you have to eat your breakfast between 10 and noon! We do take reservations for parties of 6 or more. That's why the "herd" is a good idea. Just give us a call up to an hour ahead of your arrival.
We do serve lunch, too, during the weekdays only. That's until 3 pm. We serve the best Reuben Sandwich anywhere! We use fresh corned beef because we save out a little when we make the hash for breakfast. This makes ALL the difference. We have meatloaf and turkey and homemade stew served with biscuits. Try the BLT&A (avocado). The secret to this great sandwich is the thick sliced bacon-the same bacon we serve at breakfast with eggs and hashbrowns. Is your mouth watering yet? Don't answer that!
Oh, one more thing. If you go for really good ice cream, we just opened a little ice cream "shoppe" by expanding our espresso bar and adding 16 flavors from-get this-Snoqualmie Gourmet! The ice cream is over the top! Let me also mention the homemade waffle cones.

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