Beauty Boiz Go Boo, pt. 3

  • Where: Fred Wildlife Refuge, 128 Belmont Ave E, Seattle, WA , seattle
  • 2017-10-28 21:00 UTC When: 10/28/2017
Gay Friendly

You're reluctantly clinging to the end of summer, but summer is over, honey. If you haven't figured out what you wanna be for the spookiest night of debauchery, you better hurry up & add that shit to your shopping cart right now. The Forward Flux & Beautyboiz witches have been planning your perfect Halloween dance party all year (yas really). Have you been blessed enough to get down & dirty the last two Halloween parties hosted on Summit Ave?? Guess what. We outdid ourselves again with a major upgrade. Unlike past shindigs, this will be just a few streets up, at Fred Wildlife Refuge. Its a refuge for all that wild-ass life we gunna bring! Here's a list to get str8 to the point: -Appearances by sexy Drag Queen stars -Atleast 3 girls dressed as Daenerys Targaryen -Spooky Halloween installations by artist Zane Exactly -DJ's, like DJ Howin and more -Ghouls, other scary undead dead things etc. -Full bar -More than 1 bathroom (omfg), and all gender free (duh) -Cute boys! -Dance floor This is going to be the scariest... the nastiest... the sexiest zombified witch's brew-drinkin history-making gasp-inducing death-dropping loud-shrieking finger-snapping yass-gawding shade-throwing intoxicating party that has hit Capitol Hill in decades! We're inviting you and all your costumed friends to live it. Figure out which sexy Power Ranger you wanna be or order that fake blood for your severed Donald T. head, cuz this is a date for your calendar you don't want to miss!