Ajman Beach



Is This Your Business?

Ajman Beach, especially near the rocks, lots of cruising goes on after 6pm until late night But only at the rocks. Best place for pick up and going somewhere else, although i have seen some actions there, mainly hand jobs, and .

After Coral Beach Resort, Ajman Beach corniche, near the only night club in ajman.. Walk staright from the new KFC next to the beach, straight towards the rocks... People are normally fishing there but most guys are cruising there. They will ask you for the time or directly talk to you. Eye contact will do...seen some people rubbing their crotch.
  • Eye contact and crotch rubbing should do the trick, if someone asks you the time at the rocks, it means they want some action. Warnings: This is a muslim country, be cautious. Ajman beach almost never patrolled by police, on the road sometimes but inside never seen police. Ajman more liberal unlike sharjah, Sharjah Police patrols even inside. Crowds: Indians, Pakistanis, persians, arabs....Every guy i met here was hung.
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