Zellers (parking lot)


129 Queensway East

Is This Your Business?

Huge parking area, desserted at night, no traffic; well hidden behind buildings, and against a hill. Can even take of up the hill into the trees/field for some outdoor fun!
Crowd: Local cruisers and guys looking for a little C-on-C action

Neighbourhood: East side on #3 Hwy

Who's Coming

Local cruisers and guys looking for a little C-on-C action

From #24 and #3, go East up hill. Zellers is on North side, cannot miss it.
  • Crowd:Local cruisers and guys looking for a little C-on-C action
  • Hours:Evening, after dark; Don't go there during the day time except to shop.
    Best times: After sunset, stores close around 9pm, most everyone gone by 10.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:In car, window rolled down, look around, knod or wave. Wave back, don't be shy :-) If get a nod back, get out of your car and go say hello!
    Cruisiest Spots: The lot is huge, and butts up against a hill, so private. Between the TD bank and Zellers.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Generally no cops but use your head. Don't be smokin up waiting for your cruise ;-)
whos coming to Zellers (parking lot)
  • anyone want to go tonnight?

    Commented on 5/17/2008 11:08:31 AM

  • would love to encounter some fun. let me know if someone is hitting this up or e-mail me. cheers!

    Commented on 12/31/2007 2:18:18 AM

  • Could be very good if you were to park at the bank at walk up the hill into the wooder area for fun. I'd try it if anyone else is game.

    Commented on 9/27/2007 6:57:49 AM

  • this is a poor spot for cruising its too open and obviously any one sitting there is exposed to all traffic coming and going i would not recommend it never used it and would not risk it

    Commented on 8/10/2007 12:39:33 PM