Smithhaven Mall Bathroom Down Corridor Before Macys


313 Smithhaven Mall

Is This Your Business?

When you're walking towards Macy's in the Smithhaven Mall, as you get closer you will see a hallway on your right. There is a men's and women's bathroom. I went to the men's bathroom last Friday around 7 or 8 and got in the bathroom all the way at the end. Another man was continuously tapping his foot but he wasn't my type. It was BY FAR the hottest I've ever had.

  • Sometimes you'll see guys hanging out outside the bathroom. Just let them know, subtly, that you're interested. Also when you're in the bathroom, go into a and tap your foot to get someones attention. If you plan on having , just be discreet and make sure you're lubed up and ready for a quickie. There is mall security, not that I've seen them in the bathroom.
whos coming to Smithhaven Mall Bathroom Down Corridor Before Macys
  • looks better than the one in macys

    Commented on 5/29/2012 11:14:01 AM