Road to GM plant


Is This Your Business?

Quiet area, lots of privacy in the woods.
Crowd: Pretty much anyone.

Neighbourhood: Glendale Ave. and Canal

Who's Coming

Pretty much anyone.

Take Glendale Ave out of St. Catharines over bridge. About 1km toward NOTL. Road is on the left. Head down the road around the corner.
  • Crowd:Pretty much anyone.
  • Hours:24/7
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Same as anywhere, flash brake lights, etc.
    Cruisiest Spots: Farther down the road, just past the back gate to GM. There's a parking area and paths through the woods.
  • Nudity / Policy:Probably some decents clearings for nude sunbathing in the summer, but be careful.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:It is a public place, be discreet.
whos coming to Road to GM plant
  • I think the individual who recommended this spot was hoping to create a cruising area. Nothing happens here and if it does it is by chance. A lot of guys go there to fish, so forget it guys.

    Commented on 7/13/2007 5:23:18 AM

  • To the guy asking about which road to the left I believe it is the first. This takes you a far distance until you get to the back of the plant (Gate12). Be sure you don't park beyond the railroad bridge because I have been told they close it at some point.
    Have been there a few times great for hiking that is it have seen nothing gay.

    Commented on 6/30/2007 10:18:02 AM

  • shouldn't that be turn right to GM plant and not left. Left takes you all around and away from the plant.

    Commented on 6/26/2007 12:04:07 PM

  • ok when you go over the bridge theres 3 or 4 roads on the left before you hit white oaks

    Commented on 2/6/2007 5:02:14 AM