Sawgrass Mills Mall


Is This Your Business?

The restroom near the entrance of Target has men in it cruising and playing almost
always. Guys cruise at urinals and between
stalls. Noisy entry door gives warning.
Guys sometimes connect and walk over to
JC Penney for more privacy.
Crowd: Wide variety of men, all ages.

Who's Coming

Wide variety of men, all ages.

Cruisy restrooms:near entrance to Target; JC Penney; near entrance to Red Snapper; and around corner from Burlington Coat Factory.
  • Crowd:Wide variety of men, all ages.
  • Hours:All day.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:The restroom near Target entrance.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Watch for janitors & security.
whos coming to Sawgrass Mills Mall
  • Have went to bathroom by target 3 times, every time nothing. best time? Better place?

    Commented on 7/24/2008 4:20:23 AM

  • has anyone been to these restrooms lately? which one is the best for cruising?

    Commented on 7/9/2008 12:13:50 PM

  • The place you find alot of guys however, you never get to do nothing is always so busy.. To be honest the Colonial Bank Building is the safest and you can do everything there, the problem is there are not that much people ..

    Commented on 3/19/2008 4:25:37 AM

  • I went and there was absolutely nothing during the day yesterday. i must have looked rediculous after awhile going in and out of the br like 15-20 times

    Commented on 4/20/2007 11:27:34 AM

  • Be carefull guys. I went there last week and the security guys found an older guy with a young guy in one of the stalls and i thnik they arrest them.
    watch for security and janitors.
    other bathroom good for cruising is the one on the other side of the mall. next to the Marshall's store

    Commented on 4/14/2007 11:34:01 AM