Cornation Park


Is This Your Business?

Open park with play ground equipment at the front, and pavilions and washrooms at the rear lots of cover with a forest and trail to at the west end of the park
Crowd: Gay, bi, all types of people are there.

Who's Coming

Gay, bi, all types of people are there.

Take hwy 19 into Tillsonburg and head south on Broadway keep going until you head down the hill, the road changes to John Pound, Park will be on the left hand side at the bottom of the hill.
Cross street: John Pound Road
  • Crowd:Gay, bi, all types of people are there.
  • Hours:Open 24hours
    Best times: Evening/Dusk
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Be careful as families use the park as well
    Cruisiest Spots: Back behind the pavilion
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Mosquitos
    Warnings: Patrolled by OPP (every once in a while)
whos coming to Cornation Park
  • does this site get used for cruseing ? and if so ill be checkin it out daily 6ish to 8ish

    Commented on 11/10/2008 9:09:52 AM

  • I will try to check it out tommorrow maybe around 12:30

    Commented on 7/9/2007 5:09:30 AM

  • I have seen some action there a few years ago, but nothing lately. Maybe it is time to start some action again!
    Let us know what you think would be good and we can join in and make it happen....

    Commented on 7/3/2007 10:33:04 AM