Elk Bayou Park


Ave 200 @ Hwy 99

Is This Your Business?

Crowd: All types

Who's Coming

All types

take Ave 200 exit off 99 on east side of 99 follow road around the overpass access
  • Crowd:All types
  • Hours:4pm through the nite
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:watch for guys sittin or hanging around the picnic table closet to restroom
    Cruisiest Spots: Restroom
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:have from good source that doors will be installed on stalls
whos coming to Elk Bayou Park
  • There is a couple who are the park caretakers and they live on site. This place would be great if not for that. Also, the cops do drive by several times in one hour.

    Commented on 2/4/2009 8:36:11 AM

  • Hey guys,

    I've received a report that police have been patrolling the area.

    Please cruise carefully and post what you know onto the listing.

    cruise Editor

    Commented on 12/11/2008 12:44:59 PM

  • Hit and miss, but when it's a hit... it's a HIT! Sit in car and wait for someone to show up. It's sometimes worth it.

    Commented on 6/2/2008 12:36:37 PM