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  • Midtown Adult Theater

    3rd & Elgin, Tulsa

    pdate 2/24/2009: the cost is only $8.00 per theater. If you buy passes to multiple theaters you should be able to roam between theaters you have purchased for.
    update 10/16/2008: Staff is very unfr ...

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  • Underguy

    15 E Brady, Tulsa

    en's underwear store in downtown Tulsa. Cool selection of underwear and swimsuits which you can try on. The guys who own it are very nice and they machine awesome stainless steel rings custom fit for ...

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  • Dreamland

    8807 E Admiral Pl, Tulsa

    movie booths are large but monitored. Parking lot has a lot of meetings for activity elsewhere
    Crowd: actives and passives
    Facilities: Indoor peepshow movies, cruisy parking lot

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