Roman Holiday, Van Nuys

14435 Victory Blvd


Is This Your Business?

Nice place, rooms are $20 for 8 hours. They sell and lube. Some of the staff is friendly...once, the attendant let me stay a few extra hours because things were slow...I'll have to think of a way to repay him soon...
Crowd: All ages, shapes, sizes, races, etc.
Facilities: Sauna, steam room, indoor swimming pool.

One block east of Van Nuys Blvd.
Cross street: Van Nuys Blvd
  • Crowd:All ages, shapes, sizes, races, etc.
    Facilities: Sauna, steam room, indoor swimming pool.
  • Hours:24 hours.
    Best times: Friday and Saturday nights.Mon-Thurs is jumping. Day or night. Weekends not as active. Roman Holiday has something for everyone. Not a lot of attitude here like the other LA clubs, you should have a great time there. Sun deck upstairs where smokers can take a break and enjoy the sunbathers and have a quick smoke.
    Dates open: 24 hours.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:A friendly 'Hello', eye contact, sitting in sauna or steam room and starting a friendly conversation, gentle touches, etc...the usual.
    Cruisiest Spots: Sauna, hallways with rooms with open doors.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:No police, but some guys are pushy. Just be firm and let them know you're not interested.
whos coming to Roman Holiday, Van Nuys
  • Havent been there in ages but will pop in this afternoon and try it out. Looking for some hot action

    Commented on 6/11/2009 10:40:15 AM

  • Boytoy: These types of places are always hit or miss. During the week, it seems more guys come in for the lunch time hours. On the weekend, I would say the early evening hours are best. Just go with the right attitude and expect to just relax and enjoy yourself. That way, you are never disappointed. Remember, these places are never exactly the same twice. So have fun and always play safe. -- Ron

    Commented on 5/27/2009 6:35:29 AM

  • have not been i na while what is the best time and day to go when i usto go all the time i got old and lifeles crowd think thats why i stopped going and the pushy ones that are always there

    Commented on 5/26/2009 6:51:17 AM

  • some hot action in the alley behind there aedn the book store as well

    Commented on 5/26/2009 6:49:48 AM

  • I recently found out about this place. I had been passing by it nearly everyday, and had never noticed it. I wanna check it out, but I'm afraid to go alone. Anyone wanna chill together? Looking for younger guys near my age.

    Commented on 4/28/2009 10:26:20 AM

  • Goin on Sunday will have door open looking for hard tops see you there

    Commented on 4/24/2009 1:11:14 AM

  • Planning to go this Saturday and spend the night. Hope to find some guys looking for fun and wanting to play naughty. Love those massages. Makes me want to let the guy do anything he desires. Hope to see you there. -- Ron

    Commented on 4/21/2009 6:51:35 AM

  • Had a good time yesterday late afternoon/evening. Met a very nice black gentleman who really enjoyed being with me (and my nice butt). Steamroom kept getting too hot (and not sexually) but the rest was pretty good. Small crowd though. Maybe just an off day. Can't wait to go there again and see who might happen to walk quietly into my room, looking for some fun. ;-) Ron

    Commented on 4/17/2009 6:24:16 AM

  • thinking of going tonight anyo ne up for it

    Commented on 4/10/2009 11:19:02 AM

  • thinking of going there tonight after work arounde 6 or 7 or mondya in the mornign whenis hte best time to go there

    Commented on 4/5/2009 11:06:33 AM

  • was there sunday had a good crowd a young asian came in my room we played and tried some poppers love to be with him again

    Commented on 3/17/2009 10:02:13 AM

  • Thinking about going this weekend. When is the best time? Is anyone going there this weekend?

    Commented on 11/5/2008 1:20:38 AM

  • Sorry guys, but I couldn't make it today/tonight. Hope to go next week and would really enjoy going on the weekend sometime. Hoping to meet someone who would like to make a day/evening of it, or just someone

    Commented on 10/30/2008 7:33:55 AM

  • DOH!!!! Sorry, but I got my weeks confused. I'll be there next week on Thursday night (very late -- probably 11PM) thru Friday morning. I guess I just got a little too anxious. Looking forward to some relaxing time in the steamroom and sauna, and hopefully, a nice massage from one (or two) fun guys. There is nothing like waking up early in the quiet morning to the feel of a gentle hand sliding up your leg, reaching under your towel, slipping between your legs and cheeks. Mmmmmmmmmm.....................

    Commented on 9/23/2008 7:03:30 AM

  • Going to be there this Thursday night (very late) thru Friday morning. Nothing like having a nice gentleman come into my room in the early morning as I lay on the bed, face down, legs slightly spread. My towel covering only my back and shoulders. Then, feeling his hands beginning to roam and massage my legs, as they mover higher and higher, and ........ well, we will just have to wait and see.........

    Commented on 9/22/2008 5:12:29 AM

  • i said the wrong day going wednesday

    Commented on 9/16/2008 9:20:00 AM

  • Hey Ronforfun thank you for posting this info. I too have been thinking of going to RH. Having read this I know I will have to check it out.

    Thanks again for the inside info.

    Commented on 8/12/2008 9:43:21 AM