Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area Herb Kale Nature Walk


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Neighbourhood: Oslo

From exit 68 on I-95 get onto State Road 60 head east for about 1.4 miles. Turn right on 82nd Ave (SR 609) and head south for another 3.6 miles. Turn left onto Oslo Road (9th St) and follow road for about 7.8 miles until it intersects with US Hwy 1. Park entrance will be on your left about a block ahead of you.
Cross street: Oslo Road (SE 9 St)
  • Hours:midday.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:On the left side or go to the end to dead end walk in the woods.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:It can be patrolled.
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  • Active as of Feb 18

    Commented on 2/17/2018 2:19:41 PM

  • This is still active as of May 2017

    Commented on 5/16/2017 7:12:55 PM

  • This place is still active.Some Young and mostly older. Wait in your car and you will see others looking. Take the far right trail (the one without the signage and rock memorial plaque. Someone in their car will soon follow you on the trail.

    Commented on 5/16/2017 7:09:11 PM


    Commented on 5/8/2009 2:05:10 AM

  • Has anyone tried this place out recently? I drove through the parking lot and spoke to a couple of older gentleman but it went nowhere :-(

    Commented on 12/22/2008 3:59:12 AM

  • The trails are virtually non existent. There has been no upkeep at all this year. Don't waste your time and gas driving there.

    Commented on 9/10/2007 11:19:43 AM


    Commented on 4/12/2007 3:14:48 AM

  • I'm reporting what smothie36 reported in Aug., do not go there, the local cops did a sting on that place and do it almost every other month. Be Very Careful!!!!! I too got busted, 20 days house arrest, + 1 yr. probation. For doing Nothing, I repeat Nothing.

    Commented on 12/10/2006 9:54:57 AM

  • Four men recently arrested there.

    Commented on 8/25/2006 8:44:34 AM

  • stay away from here and the boat ramp down the street. Major sting going on!

    Commented on 6/18/2006 9:31:07 AM