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1. Lowe's Store


Vincennes, United States


Lowe's StoreIt is just the typical Lowe's store, known for their home improvement and such...but they offer alot more! You know what I am talking about...those hot construction workers, with tight jeans, and bigg...
Quabache Trails Park (Wabash Trails)Mensroom sits on top of hill and you can easily hear and see any cars coming into the area well in adavance as well as hear anyone walking up the hill to the mensroom itself. Screens at the top of men...
Hillcrest Extention ParkDark green shady wooded area with open area play ground. At night very dark except parking area lights which are not real bright.
Crowd: Gay & Bi men.

4. Executive Inn Restroom near Ball Rooms


North Sixth Street & Executive Blvd.,
Vincennes, United States


Executive Inn Restroom near Ball RoomsThe is an old rest room that has not changed in the 15 years that I have checked it out. Dim lighting with wooden s. One has a well marked peep-hole next to the . I sat in there on a Saturday night o...
George Rogers Clark Memorial GroundsLarge grassy field with walks and sidewalks along the banks of the Wabash River and the bridge that crosses it.
Crowd: Before 10PM you will run into University couples out for a walk as well as tho...

6. Memorial Bridge


West side of Vigo Street, Ill. side,
Vincennes, United States

2 Ratings

Memorial BridgeSome what bushy area along the beautiful wabash river bank on the illinois side from Vincennes, Indiana.
Crowd: When I have been there I have met guys from 23 to 33. Farm boys to business men and s...

7. Quality Inn Men's Room


602 Wheatland Rd,
Vincennes, United States


Quality Inn Men's RoomMen's room has two stalls (one regular, one handicapped). Pretty basic men's room set up.
Reservation recommended: No

8. Lewis Library Restroom


Vincennes University, IN,
Vincennes, United States

1 Ratings

Lewis Library RestroomWalk into the doors of the Shake learing ctr. Walk to the end of the hall to your right. See two glass doors in front of you. You are in the lobby. Hang out and act like you are reading. Wait for a si...

9. Executive Inn


#1 Executive Blvd., Vincennes, In,
Vincennes, United States


Executive InnRestroom located almost in the middle of the Inn (not off the lobby). The Inn is shaped like an L, if you go through the doors in the "crook" of the L you will soon find the restroom across from the t...

10. Vincennes University Student Recreation and Sports Center


1002 N 1st ST, Vincennes University Campus Vincennes, IN,
Vincennes, United States


Vincennes University Student Recreation and Sports Centeris better after working up a sweat. Full gym and locker room facilities. Great for working out and cruising the athletic and body conscious of VU. Sauna soon to open. Private showers.

In the l...
Patrick Henry DriveThis is just a little drive between Vigo (south) Main (north) First (west) and terminates between Third and Second Streets on Vigo.
Crowd: People in cars. This is a place to cruise the blacktop. I ...

12. Chain Drive


504 Willow St.,
Vincennes, United States


Chain DriveChain Drives general interest is in delivering the CHEAPEST drinks in town. We have $1 wells and $1.25 domestics, 2.25 Shiner every Friday night. Saturday the cover is $2 and so are the beers and well...
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