Rock Creek Park

Is This Your Business?

It's like a hiking trail, well it is a hiking trail during the day. So it is rocky, there are trees everywhere and it is really steep and hilly.
Update on directions: The hiking trail that was mentioned is not accessible by car. In general, it is the area behind Francis swimming pool (it's a huge outdoor public pool, so that is your best landmark) and it borders Rock Creek Parkway on the east between
P and M Streets (look at a map of the area just west of Dupont Circle and
all should become clear). It is a steep downgrade, at the bottom of which
is a creek. Paths snake through from end to end & top to bottom.
Crowd: All types

Neighbourhood: across from area # 6

Take beach drive north of military road. Men's room is on the right across from picnic area 6. There is parking right in front (a car there will help others know you're there!)
Cross street: military road
  • Crowd:All types
  • Hours:All day and night
    Best times: Night after 12:30 am
    Dates open: All day and night
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Carry protection. Most people there are just plain
    Cruisiest Spots: Under bridge. Down by the water.
  • Nudity / Policy:Yes / It depends on you
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:It's all good.
    Warnings: Police do not want you out there after dark.
whos coming to Rock Creek Park
  • looking to go tonight...

    Commented on 6/12/2009 11:51:04 AM

  • Anyone headed to upper areas tonight after work?

    Commented on 6/11/2009 2:27:30 AM

  • headed out now. anyone else?

    Commented on 6/8/2009 7:45:30 AM

  • The description is of P st- and the directions are correct to area 6. most cruising Ive seen is further up.

    Commented on 6/3/2009 12:19:08 PM

  • Hey guys,

    I've received the following email:

    This listing is all messed up. The "Description" is for "P Street Beach" (off P St. NW near 22nd, west of Dupont Circle). It is no where near Military Road and area #6 as described in "How to Get There." Both locations are within Rock Creek Park, which is enormous. I have never been to Area #6, so I don't know how accurate the directions are.

    Please email me the correct info and I'll add it to the listing.



    Commented on 6/1/2009 11:53:47 AM

  • Anyone headed out this afternoon?

    Commented on 5/11/2009 6:16:37 AM

  • Hey guys anyone going this week? 7/7/08

    Commented on 7/5/2008 11:00:06 AM

  • #10 is my favorite cruising spot- some nice guys and I usually meet someone with compatible interests.
    I was there last night and saw a latin guy- white t shirt smoking, hanging out by a log looking all butch. when he left- he left his trash.
    Ill be looking for you chico- and if you litter that beautiful area again youll wish it were the cops who caught you. be warned.

    Commented on 7/17/2007 9:24:18 AM

  • Have checked out the area near #10 a couple of times recently. I haven't had any fun yet, but hopefully soon. Usually stop through while on a run on the trails. I will be there tonight.

    Commented on 6/25/2007 3:27:22 AM