King Street Park


Is This Your Business?

Crowd: Everyone goes there

Neighbourhood: King st

Who's Coming

Everyone goes there

Go towards the Main St Bridge in Welland and turn left on King St it's at the next light.
Cross street: Division St
  • Crowd:Everyone goes there
  • Hours:10 Pm to 4 am
    Best times: 3 am
    Dates open: Year round
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Watch out for old guys hiding in the bushes and for cops
    Cruisiest Spots: By the fountain in the middle of the park and follow the path to dark woods behind the Welland Club
  • Nudity / Policy:Some people show off in the nude but they can easily get caught by the cops or the neighbours.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
whos coming to King Street Park
  • Hey there guys I have gone to King street park and it was deader than a door nail.

    Commented on 7/17/2007 3:26:41 AM

  • need directions to park on king street.

    Commented on 6/18/2007 12:50:00 PM

  • could someone be more explicit on directions to the park on King St.

    Commented on 6/17/2007 12:35:54 PM