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Oak Cliff Nature Preserve - Hike And Bike Trailsreat place... Its a large nature preserve/hike and bike trail. The trails are well well worn and wind throughout 5+ acres of thick woods which has a lot of off the path areas to get down to business a ...
Sheraton Dallas Hotel formerly Adams Mark Hotelhe restroom is accessed down a long hallway and entrance out of view of s and urinals, providing good recovery
time. The urinals have no dividers and
there is extra space between doors
fo ...

3. Jo-Ann Fabric - Second Floor Mens Room


810 Preston Forest Ctr,
Dallas, United States


Jo-Ann Fabric - Second Floor Mens Roomwo washroom in a store where nearly all the clientelle are women as are most of the employees. The vast majority of the few men in the building are gay. Some of the employees know about cruising in t ...

4. Bishop Arts District


320 W. 7th Street,
Dallas, United States


Bishop Arts Districtnique revitalized area dates back to 1903 when the streetcar first rambled across the Trinity River. Bishop Arts District was rediscovered by artists in the 1970s. Today B.A.D. hosts independent resta ...

5. Bills Original Hideaway


3109 Knox Street,
Dallas, United States


Bills Original HideawayLong time popular haunt for piano-bar fans with live entertainment most every night of the week. Also know for it’s great Sunday afternoon cookouts on the patio...

6. Home Depot, Forest Lane


Forest Lane & Central Expressway,
Dallas, United States

6 Ratings

Home Depot, Forest LaneVery cruisy restroom, busiest weekdays
at lunchtime.
Crowd: Building trades, workers and young guys.

7. White Rock Lake


Dallas, United States

4 Ratings

White Rock Laket is one of the few show places in Dallas. Best part of town and one of the safest places to cruise. Good judgement is always a good pratice. You should pracice caution anytime.
Crowd: Young and ol ...

8. TA Truck Stop


Dallas, United States

4 Ratings

TA Truck StopCrowd: Truckers

9. Urban Market


601 Elm Street,
Dallas, United States

1 Ratings

Urban Marketens room hot for jacking off, but again, play it cool know that someone else is jacking off before acting on it.
Crowd: Mostly downtown employees and those who live downtown. Young guys (25-35ish). ...

10. Southwest Center Mall Foley's


3550 W. Camp Wisdom Rd.,
Dallas, United States

1 Ratings

Southwest Center Mall Foley'sThe restroom is very cruisy, with some
action. Lots meet up and go elsewhere.
Crowd: Mostly Latino and some black.
Mountain Creek Lake Parklot of car cruising along park roadway.
Some of the toilets are cruisy. There
is very little cover, some brush, in the
park. Guys have in cars or elsewhere.
Crowd: Younger crowd at nigh ...

12. Lee Park


Dallas, United States


Lee Parkhe woods are part of the Katy walking trail. The hill by the woods is a dismantled railroad with the tracks removed. The wooded area at the base of the hill is one of the hottest cruising spots in Dal ...
Dreyfuss Club at White Rock LakeNice park, hot guys, usually meet up there and drive elswhere around the lake for .
Crowd: Guys of all ages and shapes cruising for .
Harry Hines Blvdfter 2am it shouldn't take over 20 minutes to find action. This isn't a gay area per se -- no hot hunks -- but you can find some hot queens in cars or in front of no-tell motels. Some of them are very ...
White Rock Lake (North)Crowd: Blue collar straight guys, some pretty gay guys.

16. Valley View Mall Dillards 3rd Floor


Valley View Mall @ 13331 Preston Rd.,
Dallas, United States


Valley View Mall Dillards 3rd FloorStandard 3 3 mens room. The usual peep game or foot tap and drop & deal.
Crowd: Mostly married straight guys
Tom Braniff Parkmall gravel parking lot for the park. Guys may sit in their cars and cruise others but most get out and walk through the trees along narow footpaths. Many hidden areas in between shrubs and trees to g ...

18. Nations Bank Plaza


902 Main Street,
Dallas, United States


Nations Bank PlazaCruisy toilet with lots of
activity. Guys will connect and take
business to more remote facilities in
the building. The toilets are locked
at 6pm.

19. Macy's Northpark Center Formerly Foley's


8687 North Central Expressway,
Dallas, United States


Macy's Northpark Center Formerly Foley'sCruisy restroom with lots of under
activity and action at the urinals. Guys will
connect and go elsewhere for serious
Crowd: All ages.
Stevens ParkThe park's parking lot is cruisy. There
are trails which follow the creek in both
directions and it's along these most of
the activity occurs.
Crowd: Both straights and gays.
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