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  • Fantasy Island State Road Books Adult Entertainment

    7363 State Road just north of Cottman Ave., Philadelphia

    Crowd: A wide variety of people usually show up. They're mostly shy people from the northeast area of Philly. Keep in mind you have your crackpots (men walking around with no underwear on).

    rating of Fantasy Island (State Road) Books, Adult Entertainment.

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  • Scorpios Bookstore

    Juniper St., Philadelphia

    Anyone have info on this place? Any s? Can you bring in your own alcohol like at Show 'N Tell?
    Crowd: All kinds. ***br***

    rating of Scorpios Bookstore

    1627 Votes

  • Venus Video

    63rd and Pasayunk, Philadelphia

    pdate 12/19/2008: The staff here has become very nasty since the remodel. They are intrusive and will often times violate your privacy.

    Most guys leave the sliding door cracked open so passers- ...

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  • Book Bin 2

    22 and Market, Philadelphia

    3 floors: Top floor is female strippers. Street lever floor is entrance and video booths. Basement is video booths and theater.
    Crowd: All kinds

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    6206 Votes

  • Touch of Class

    3342 Kensington Ave, Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia

    About 20 video booths some with little door to look at next booth and some with holes drilled in them.
    Crowd: all kinds

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  • Titan Room

    2132 Market Street, Philadelphia

    All male cinema with an arcade in the foyer. Anything goes.
    Crowd: All types and ages.

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  • Samson Cinema

    13th and Samson St, Philadelphia

    There are 2 screens. One shows all black gay films and other shows all white gay films. Clients are all ages and looks range. Take your choice here.
    Crowd: All gay clients

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  • Adonis Cinema

    2026 Sansom St, Philadelphia

    This video mini-theater screens favorites in fleshy fantasies, and for more private viewing an array of film booths awaits. Of course, videos can be both rented and purchased.

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  • Show and Tell

    Delaware Ave (Columbus Blvd.), Philadelphia

    Video booths with stools. People will catch your eye in the hallway or knock on your door. I have been and swallowed by a couple of different guys there.

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    4892 Votes

  • Dream Boutique formerly Charlies Dream

    6039 Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia

    Straight strip club with a video arcade attached to it. between 2 booths in the back room of the video arcade.
    Crowd: Truly a diverse mix of all types with not too much of any type.

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