Philadelphia Gay Cruising Areas

  • Pennypack

    , Philadelphia

    Nice isolated spots throughout.

    rating of Pennypack

    6567 Votes

  • Franklin Mills

    Franklin Mills Blvd, Philadelphia

    ruiser update 3/11/2009: It's a pretty good set up, although of late the cleaning crew has been hitting up the mensroom at least once an hour and chasing everyone out. The cleaners are quite aware of ...

    rating of Franklin Mills

    5358 Votes

  • Temple University Beury Hall

    1901 N. 13th Street, Philadelphia

    There is a peep hole at the end of of and guys usually each other off there. All different types go in. It's a really hot place!
    Crowd: All kinds.

    rating of Temple University Beury Hall

    8187 Votes

  • South Street Park

    , Philadelphia

    It's near the Hilton Hotel; you can meet a friend and go with him anywhere you want: he needs you more than you need him.
    Crowd: Any person.

    rating of South Street Park

    1701 Votes

  • Mellon Independence Center

    701 Market, Philadelphia

    his building takes up the whole street on Market between 7th & 8th Sts. Considering other places, this spot is rather on the clean side. Virtually everyone Crowd is for a quick or mutual . A row of 5 ...

    rating of Mellon Independence Center

    2547 Votes

  • Schuylkill River Park Judy Garland Park

    , Philadelphia

    eighborhood park near the river. Fairly bright street lighting on the sidewalks keeps the place safe, yet there are plenty of darker spots for cruising. The area behind the train tracks is much more l ...

    rating of Schuylkill River Park Judy Garland Park

    3890 Votes

  • Roosevelt Park The Lakes

    , Philadelphia

    People park and and if there is a mutual attraction than signal each other. You have to be careful just like anywhere. Cops drive around but don't usually bother you. Just be aware.
    Crowd: Varies

    rating of Roosevelt Park (The Lakes)

    4110 Votes

  • 30th Street Station

    AMTRAK Station -- 30th Street, Philadelphia

    Urinals, no dividers, stalls with doors but some holes, not heavily monitored
    Crowd: mixed

    rating of 30th Street Station

    5363 Votes

  • PATCO Speedline

    , Philadelphia

    If you know what you want, go for it.
    Crowd: All kinds of guys.

    rating of PATCO Speedline

    1606 Votes

  • Philadelphia SEPTA Rail System

    , Philadelphia

    ooking for some on the way to work, going home from work, after shopping or after the club? For all you guys who are riders on the subway or light rail rapid transit, it is becoming a huge trend to r ...

    rating of Philadelphia SEPTA Rail System

    2025 Votes