Fort Funston


Is This Your Business?

A lot of trails good for cruising, a few
dead ends fairly private. Walk slowly,
be quiet, pull it out and maybe you'll
come upon someone else doing the same.
Crowd: All types, a few older men.

Who's Coming

All types, a few older men.

Highway 1 between Lake Merced and the
Olympic Club. Park in the public parking lot, near the hang gliders.
  • Crowd:All types, a few older men.
  • Hours:Open from dawn to dusk.
    Best times: Mornings/afternoon
    Dates open: Open from dawn to dusk.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Cruise the trails on top of bunker, lots
    of 'private areas'.
    Cruisiest Spots: Many trails above the old bunker. Some
  • br
  • are overgrown but make it easier to
  • br
  • cruise fairly safely.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Lots of people walking dogs on the main
    trail below, watch for rangers.
whos coming to Fort Funston
  • This place was hopping about 25 years ago when I was a teenager in SF - under the bushes and in the dark tunnels. I go out here every time I'm in town to visit family, but never any action. It's a great place for a walk and a nice view of the hang gliders, though!

    Commented on 10/14/2008 1:09:12 AM

  • I take my dog to Fort Funston quite often. There has never been any good cruising that I can find... Maybe I am just in the wrong spots.
    Any suggestions? I am 6' shaved head, blue eyes 7.5 uncut - clean

    Commented on 6/27/2008 2:33:28 AM

  • I went here a couple few times and never ran saw anyone else there that was looking for action. All that were there were dog walkers and most were women. I found it a waste of my time each time I went, and I went at different times each day I went.

    Commented on 8/12/2001 4:11:18 AM