San Francisco Gay Cruising Areas

  • Golden Gate Beach

    Also known as Nasty Boy Beach, San Francisco

    t's a modern day Sodom & Gommorah. Good beach all year round if sunny. Rock 'condos' keep out the cool breezes off the ocean, great view of incoming ships and sea lions while you . Can be up to 300 pe ...

    rating of Golden Gate Beach

    3817 Votes

  • Golden Gate Park-Windmills

    , San Francisco

    his area is a huge area to cruise (and only one of many in the park). There are trails all over the place. You can cruise from your car or walk the paths. Mostly guys into BJ, but I have seen and done ...

    rating of Golden Gate Park-Windmills

    5104 Votes

  • Buena Vista Park

    , San Francisco

    ots of trails and paths -- if going at night best to scout it out during the day. Lots of trees, and hidden spots. evenings everyone just tucks themselves in a hollow and stands jacking waiting for th ...

    rating of Buena Vista Park

    5712 Votes

  • Legion of Honor

    , San Francisco

    Semi secluded place with a great trail leading to the lands end trail. Action in the bushes is frequent.
    Crowd: Cruisers looking for pickups, Suits after work.

    rating of Legion of Honor

    1605 Votes

  • Lafayette Park

    , San Francisco

    Beautiful park in the rich white people section of town, although not exclusive.
    Crowd: Yuppies, guppies and their puppies

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    2383 Votes

  • Hyatt Regency Embarcadero

    5 Embarcadero Center (downtown), San Francisco

    his is a great place to beat off in, watch others do the same and also give or receive pleasure.

    Although the hotel removed one door, there is still enough warning time to snap to when someone ...

    rating of Hyatt Regency Embarcadero

    2220 Votes

  • Sheraton Palace Hotel

    2 New Montgonery Street, San Francisco

    o downstairs (behind the 1st floor meeting / conference rooms). Four stalls with plenty of room for whatever. The Palace applies some special finish to the marble floors which gives them a mirror effe ...

    rating of Sheraton Palace Hotel

    3223 Votes

  • BART

    , San Francisco

    Hey guys, the last car on any BART train is where guys go for guys. Pass the word.
    Crowd: Bi/bi-curious, gay, straight.

    rating of BART

    3696 Votes

  • Lands End Beach

    , San Francisco

    Loacted in Lincoln Park. Can be very cool even in summer. Great views on a clear day.
    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Land's End Beach

    3769 Votes

  • Moscone Park

    , San Francisco

    e need more men in this area. Very few know about this yet -- so be very discrete. Lots of bushy areas. Stadium seating area is best for quick blow jobs. The possibilities are endless.
    Crowd: Every ...

    rating of Moscone Park

    1694 Votes