Albuquerque Gay Cruising Areas

  • Ciobla National Forest

    , Albuquerque

    eal NM nature setting in high elevation (about 8,000 above sea level). You can see world's largest tramway, "Sandia Peak Tram", going up to Sandia Peak Ski and Resort above. And you can also have some ...

    rating of Ciobla National Forest

    2264 Votes

  • UNM Education Building

    University and Central - main campus, Albuquerque

    rating of UNM Education Building

    2549 Votes

  • State Fairgrounds

    Central, Albuquerque

    The restroom's second row of stalls have gloryholes. The action can get very busy weekend mornings.
    Crowd: Every race and age.

    rating of State Fairgrounds

    1908 Votes

  • Rio Grande NC State Park

    , Albuquerque

    Large park with trails and woods. Guys cruise on foot and on bicycles.
    Crowd: Active outdoor types of all ages.

    rating of Rio Grande NC State Park

    1892 Votes

  • Main rest room

    In side Coranado mall accross from the security desk, Albuquerque

    Crowd: Men of all ages and type.

    rating of Main rest room

    2757 Votes

  • Roosevelt Park

    , Albuquerque

    Large park, hilly
    Crowd: All ages

    rating of Roosevelt Park

    1933 Votes

  • Foxes Lounge

    , Albuquerque

    Very cruisy parking lot. Some nights the back of the parking lot is full of guys and sucking.

    rating of Foxes Lounge

    2020 Votes

  • Flying J

    , Albuquerque

    Restroom by the food court has a big all the way to the back with walls that go all the wat to the floor. Had a lot of great there!!!!!
    Crowd: Anyone with a heart beat.

    rating of Flying J

    2626 Votes

  • Central Avenue Cruising

    find, Pulse 4100 Central. then west to mornigside and follow the block., Albuquerque

    one block criuse. Central, morningside,copper and Monticlaire. Moring side park may be an anternate place to chat but not have . Somtimes criuse will extend the block arcoss from The Criuse. this blo ...

    rating of Central Avenue Cruising

    3113 Votes

  • University of New Mexico Dane Smith Hall 1st floor

    Redondo Rd East, Albuquerque

    Crowd: college guys

    rating of University of New Mexico Dane Smith Hall 1st floor

    3773 Votes

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