Alexandria Gay Cruising Areas

  • Dangerfield Island

    , Alexandria

    This is a marina area with a large natural-growth forest around it with lots of trails that are great for cruising
    Crowd: Businessmen, joggers, bikers, students

    rating of Dangerfield Island

    2871 Votes

  • Holmes Run Park

    , Alexandria

    Guys cruise this wooded urban park. It
    provides lots of secluded areas for

    rating of Holmes Run Park

    6086 Votes

  • Landmark Mall

    5801 Duke St., Alexandria

    Crowd: Everybody, from white to black to Spanish.

    rating of Landmark Mall

    4722 Votes

  • Fort Ward Park

    , Alexandria

    This cruisy restroom sees a good deal of activity weekday afternoons. Lots of
    married/bi guys on their way home from

    rating of Fort Ward Park

    2131 Votes

  • Home Depot Alexandria

    400 S Pickett Street, Alexandria

    his cruisy restroom sees a lot of under
    action during slower weekday hours.
    There is a single entrance door, so some
    caution is required.
    Crowd: Lots of suburban married/bi guys looking ...

    rating of Home Depot, Alexandria

    2731 Votes

  • Jefferson Manor Park

    , Alexandria

    Crowd: hot white guys ready to deposit

    rating of Jefferson Manor Park

    1799 Votes

  • Ronald Reagan National Airport

    Reagan Washington National Airport, Washington DC 20001, Alexandria

    estroom in Baggage Claim for US Airways at the very Far End of Terminal C. Little recovery time Stalls are around 2 corners as you walk in the restroom so you can hear foot steps of people comming in. ...

    rating of Ronald Reagan National Airport

    3341 Votes

  • Braddock Field

    East Braddock Road, Alexandria

    In the evenings and late night it's very quiet. It is very bushy and dark, so privacy is not a problem. The area is new, so cruising there might be slow from time to time.
    Crowd: Everybody

    rating of Braddock Field

    2222 Votes

  • Holiday Inn Historic District

    625 First Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, Alexandria

    ery rarely used restroom. Entry through hallway, so plenty of warning to "adjust". Four urinals, three s, good room for under- action. Even smells good.
    Crowd: Anyone: Tourists, locals, ethnic guys ...

    rating of Holiday Inn Historic District

    1383 Votes

  • Fort Hunt Park

    8996 Fort Hunt Rd, Alexandria

    rowd: Fort Hunt Park Off G.W. Parkway few miles North of Mt. Vernon Take fort Hunt Road east to park entrance or take G.W. Parkway (between old town and Mt Vernon) signs to park closes at dark Varies. ...

    rating of Fort Hunt Park

    1927 Votes

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