Algarve Gay Cruising Areas

  • Praia Grande Car park at night only

    Gale. , Algarve

    Dirt track parking lot at the point where the board walk starts for access to the beach front.

    rating of Praia Grande Car park  (at night only)
  • Portimao Retail Park

    , Algarve

    Public toilets near the Multibanco machine at the bottom of the stairs to the food hall above.
    Crowd: Lots of married guys stop off for a quick one before dinner with the wife and family.

    rating of Portimao Retail Park
  • Submarine Beach

    , Algarve

    Beach (two joined but only possible to get to second beach when the tide is out). Cruising area in the Woodlands and old houses around the beach (about 5ha in total).
    Crowd: Tourists, locals.

    rating of Submarine Beach
  • Centro Comercial Continente

    , Algarve

    I have off with married guys there. Even went into one of the stalls and off a guy in his fifties with the most magnificent . Make sure to go to all three washrooms. Two of them are located in the f ...

    rating of Centro Comercial Continente
  • Poca

    , Algarve

    When you're in front of the cruising area, the path is on your left side and there's a field of yam's (sweet potatoe). The hot spring is probably a 3 minute walk but make sure you have a lighter or sm ...

    rating of Poca
  • Centro Comercial Modelo de Albufeira

    Loja 104A, Cerro Alagoa, Terceira Fase, Lote 32 , Algarve

    Crowd: All kinds of man

    rating of Centro Comercial Modelo de Albufeira
  • Meia Praia

    , Algarve

    Crowd: All ages, nationalities and types.

    rating of Meia Praia