Anderson Gay Cruising Areas

  • Asbury Park

    , Anderson

    rating of Asbury Park
  • Darwin Wright Memorial Park

    I--85 and 178 , Anderson

    Just a restroom. Pretty private near opening and closing times. I've gotten lots of head there.
    Crowd: Park busy later in the day.

    rating of Darwin Wright Memorial Park
  • Singing Pines

    , Anderson

    Crowd: Mixed, what I found are older looking to get .

    rating of Singing Pines
  • I-85 Rest Area northbound

    , Anderson

    It's a regular rest area with bathrooms, and this one has a lake about 400-500 feet down from the parking lot. Walk the path and find lots of hot action.
    Crowd: All types, lots of hot, cute, young ...

    rating of I-85 Rest Area (northbound)
  • Denver Boat Landing

    , Anderson

    Outdoor and car action.
    Crowd: Guys that give head.

    rating of Denver Boat Landing
  • Kmart

    Clemson Blvd. , Anderson

    Most under action, good place to make . The bathroom is rarely used by customers. There are 3 s and a .
    Crowd: All types

    rating of Kmart
  • Books-a-Million

    3424 Clemson Blvd. , Anderson

    rating of Books-a-Million
  • Anderson Mall Belk

    3131 North Main Street , Anderson

    there is one and two stalls. there are holes in each wall so you can see peoples' while they on one side or see them wipe their on the other side
    Crowd: young men occasionally old

    rating of Anderson Mall Belk
  • Hickory Point Amoco

    5503 Highway 187 , Anderson

    this is a smaller bathroom with 2 stalls a urnial and sink,there is a between stalls.
    Crowd: all types

    rating of Hickory Point Amoco
  • Pumpers

    @ 4541 N Highway 81 , Anderson

    Crowd: All types of guys

    rating of Pumpers
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