Asheville Gay Cruising Areas

  • Bathroom at Innsbruck Mall

    85 Tunnel Rd # 40 , Asheville

    Two urinals and two stalls. Pretty standard.
    Crowd: A lot of older guys, but I've and jerked some hot younger guys too. Suits, blue collar, whatever.

    rating of Bathroom at Innsbruck Mall
  • Blueridge Parkway Sleepy Gap Overlook

    , Asheville

    The parking lot is cruisy. Most guys take to the trails which provide cover for activity, including groups. Some nudity and during the summer activity continues into the late night. Some spillover act ...

    rating of Blueridge Parkway Sleepy Gap Overlook
  • French Broad River Park

    , Asheville

    Very nice Riverfront park. Paved trails and
    picnic tables & grills for small to large parties.
    Crowd: Locals, executives, blue & white collar employees, etc.

    rating of French Broad River Park
  • I-40 Truck stop Exit 37 Travel Port

    , Asheville

    Understall out in parking lot and in private shower area.
    Crowd: Truckers, people looking to sence the GH shop down the road closed.

    rating of I-40 Truck stop,  Exit 37 Travel Port
  • Asheville Mall Sears

    3 South Tunnel Road , Asheville

    Crowd: Anyone

    rating of Asheville Mall Sears
  • Ramsey Library at UNCA

    One University Heights, asheville, nc, 28804 , Asheville

    Crowd: Students. faculty and locals.

    rating of Ramsey Library at UNCA
  • Asheville Botanical Garden

    , Asheville

    Has the potential to be a great spot!
    Crowd: Everyone, college guys.

    rating of Asheville Botanical Garden
  • Biltmore Sqare Mall Food Court

    Biltmore Square Mall , Asheville

    Food court bathroom, no partitions between stand up urinals. Great !

    rating of Biltmore Sqare Mall Food Court
  • Pack Memorial Library

    67 Haywood Street , Asheville

    This library restroom remains active.
    ID is no longer required to get keys to
    restroom. Most activity is under .
    There are alot of married types looking
    for action.
    Crowd: Lots of ma ...

    rating of Pack Memorial Library
  • Grove Park Inn

    290 Macon Avenue , Asheville

    There are several cruisy restrooms in the hotel complex. In the Sammons wing on the left before Horizon's Restaurant; to the left past the front desk; in the Vanderbilt wing on the tenth floor by the ...

    rating of Grove Park Inn