Aylesbury Gay Cruising Areas

  • Aylesbury Cemetery Tring Road

    Tring Road , Aylesbury

    Aylesbury Cemetery is quiet area with grounds which makes this a discreet location, The toilets are located on the Tring Rd side of the cemetery and has a small carpark separated by a large wall so yo ...

    rating of Aylesbury Cemetery Tring Road
  • Friars Square Shopping Centre

    FriarsSquare Shopping Centre , Aylesbury

    Crowd: All sorts of men.

    rating of Friars Square Shopping Centre
  • College walk way

    Just Off Penn Road Next to chiltern railway depot , Aylesbury

    Crowd: All ages.

    rating of College walk way
  • Vale Park

    , Aylesbury

    Crowd: Guys of all ages.

    rating of Vale Park
  • Upper Hundreds Carpark

    , Aylesbury

    Mens toilets.
    Crowd: All guys all ages.

    rating of Upper Hundreds Carpark
  • Aylesbury bus station

    Great Western Street , Aylesbury

    Crowd: All types of guys.

    rating of Aylesbury bus station
  • Snakemoor Nature Reserve Haddenham

    haddenham , Aylesbury

    nature reserve/park with good secluded cover, right by Haddenham and Thame Parkway train station. Benches, wooded area, off road parking, and no checks or public after dark.

    rating of Snakemoor Nature Reserve Haddenham
  • Bernwood Forest

    betweeen worminghall and stanton st johns , Aylesbury

    park up and walk in to the woods. thats where the fun is.

    rating of Bernwood Forest