Bilbao Gay Bars Clubs

  • New High Club

    Naja 5, Bilbao

    This cruise bar draws and older crowd and as a result its darkroom gets active earlier in the evening. Check it out!
    Crowd: All ages.

    rating of New High Club

    1905 Votes

  • Mykonos

    C/. General Castillo, 4, Bilbao

    his cruise bar features regular strip shows which fuel the heat in the already active darkroom.
    Crowd: All ages.Popular dance bar.. 2 bars and a Dance area the Mykonos offers something for everyone ...

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    2096 Votes

  • Heaven Club

    Calle Dos de Mayo 6, Bilbao

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    1829 Votes

  • Balcn de la Lola

    Calle Bailén 10, Bilbao

    rating of Balcón de la Lola

    293 Votes

  • Congresso

    Calle Uribitarte 8, Bilbao

    rating of Congresso

    287 Votes

  • Sildabia

    Calle Lemana 1, Bilbao

    rating of Sildabia

    263 Votes

  • Key

    Calle Cristo 3, Bilbao

    rating of Key

    196 Votes

  • Lamiak

    Calle Pelota 8, Bilbao

    rating of Lamiak

    438 Votes

  • Otxoa

    Calle de los Heros 9, Bilbao

    rating of Otxoa

    162 Votes

  • Cafe Bizitza

    Calle Torre 1, Bilbao

    wn by local lesbians - a bar for everyone to start their evening off with...... it is in the same area as all the other gay bars.
    Crowd: Attention is given to the decor and music, creating a pleasa ...

    rating of Cafe Bizitza

    1159 Votes

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