Birmingham Gay Bathhouses Saunas

  • Erdington Baths and Turkish Suite

    Mason Road, Birmingham

    ot gay, but some discrete action sometimes in steam room But attendants check ! Don't forget to take plenty of fluid as there is none on sale there and you can lose a lot of it!
    Crowd: All sorts, m ...

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  • Unit 2 Sauna

    78 Far East Building, Lower Essex Street, Birmingham

    Sauna, Steam, Jacuzzi, Rest Room, Showers, TV and Coffee. Disabled facilities.

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  • Greenhouse

    6126 Willenhall Rd, Birmingham


    This place has a specially built room with 6 gloryhole cubicles (2 rows of 3, back to back).
    Therefore, each cubicle is linked to at least 2 other cubicles and the 2 centre cubicles ( ...

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  • Spartan Health Club

    127 George Road, Birmingham

    NDER NEW MANAGEMENT (NOV 2003): Admission: 10pounds, 12-6pm; 8 pounds, 6-11pm. Concs,7pounds. Gold membership, 400 pounds(1 yr. unlimited entry). VIP Silver membership, 95pounds (7 pounds per entry). ...

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  • Private Club The

    Wainwright Street,, Birmingham

    auna, 5 private rooms, large swimming pool with airbeds, relaxation area, safe parking.

    This place holds Gangbangs & Bukkake Parties on an irregular basis. It also holds TV & Admirer parties. T ...

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