RamRod Boston & Machine Nightclub


1254 Boylston Street


Is This Your Business?

Machine Nightclub in Boston MA has been proudly serving the gay nightlife for over nine years. Machine is dedicated to providing the community with unforgettable special events, premiere club nights, theater productions, weddings, and more. Visit us online at: www.nightclubmachine.com

RamRod is Boston's premier Mens bar, catering to the community for over 20 years. On weekends Ramrod requires a strict dress code to enter the backroom bar. Visit us online at: www.nightclubramrod.com

Nightclub RamRod Info:
RamRod is open daily at noon.
Wednesday is Twitch with DJ Mac
Thursday is Mandance with DJ Manuel Santiago
Friday is with DJ Danae Jacovidis
Saturday is with DJ Duo Freespace

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