Boston Gay Cruising Areas

  • Massachusetts General Hospital

    55 Fruit St (it figures!) , Boston

    Crowd: Almost all in-house: some hunky interns & residents who can be kinda creative in the ways they like to go at it ... also utility workers packing big musky uncut ethnic junk whose wives don't ap ...

    rating of Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Sheraton Boston 2nd 3rd floor

    39 Dalton St , Boston

    Pretty much the best place in Boston for anon . Always a good crowd ready to you off or just drop a load down your throat (or anywhere else you want it). Not too many oldsters, mostly young hunks fro ...

    rating of Sheraton Boston 2nd amp 3rd floor
  • Copley Place Mall 2nd floor

    2 Copley place , Boston

    Restroom in Copley Place near Barney's New York. Open to the public. Lots of jerking & some bj's or meet & go somewhere.

    rating of Copley Place Mall 2nd floor
  • Dodge Hall

    Northeastern University , Boston

    Lots of college guys, even a few professors in here. Whenever I've been looking for it, never had a problem getting any here...lots of hot college guys, all looking for action in the stalls.
    Crowd: ...

    rating of Dodge Hall
  • Esplanade Parkway

    , Boston

    A nice cool place to go for cruising others for meeting up with to go elsewhere?..or stay in secluded area`s for casual outdoor manplay with other('s). Have been here several times over the years, di ...

    rating of Esplanade Parkway
  • Hyatt Regency Boston formerly Swissotel Third Floor Lobby

    1 Avenue de Lafayette , Boston

    Urinals and stalls well hidden from folks entering. Lots of time to straighten up. Have seen as many as 10 people going at it at once. People in stalls don't lock the doors.
    Crowd: Lots of business ...

    rating of Hyatt Regency Boston (formerly Swissotel) Third Floor Lobby
  • Prudential Mall Rest Room

    Boylston Street , Boston

    Regular rest room. Several cruisy rest rooms in general area. Have had luck in this one.
    Crowd: All ages. All types.

    rating of Prudential Mall Rest Room
  • Boston T- Subway

    , Boston

    Looking for some on the way to work, going home from work, after shopping or after the club? For all you guys who are riders on the subway, it is becoming a huge trend to ride the last car, known as ...

    rating of Boston T- Subway
  • Barnes Noble - Prudential Center

    Prudential Center , Boston

    Cruisy men's room in back of store.

    rating of Barnes & Noble - Prudential Center
  • Charles River Esplanade

    , Boston

    Crowd: I've seen younger hunky young guys, older guys, a mix.

    rating of Charles River Esplanade