Wang YMCA (Chinatown)


8 Oak St. West

Is This Your Business?

Next to/underneath the Double Tree Hotel. Need a YMCA membership or buy a day pass to get in. Guests at the hotel can use an elevator and get in for free. A word to the wise that not every guy here is looking for something. Guys come in all types. There are the older set who always seem more than eager to start something. Then there are some students from local colleges. There is a large Asian demographic here, though I have never seen any give signs of wanting anything but I could be wrong. Some 30-40 year old business types can be found at times (usually staying in the hotel for a short trip).

Neighbourhood: Chinatown

Closest T stop is New England Medical Center on the Orange line. The gym is right around the corner.
  • Hours:Mon-Fri: 5am - 10pm
    Sat: 6am - 7pm
    Sun: 9am - 5pm

    Downtimes are best when the locker room is cleared out. Afternoons after lunch can work well. or around 9-10am on weekends. Go in between peak hours.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:When you eneter the lockerroom there are a set of lockers but ignore those. The showers will be further on the right. Most initiations happen in the shower. If a guy seems to be noticing you alot, give your a casual tug and see if the gesture goes well. I don't recommend hooking up or getting too hard in the showers. You can then take a friend to one of two places in the locker room. Just past the showers is a locker area where the lockers form sort of "c" shaped walls. All the way at the end of this area is a good place to get some j/o in on the gym downtimes. Second place is at the farthest end of the locker room by the pool door (alot of the swimmers use this area). The last row of lockers is a tiny space that not many use. Perfect for a quiet j/o or .
  • Nudity / Policy:Nudity is allowed in the locker room. Not . Be discreet.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / yes.
  • Warnings:Some trolls hang around. Just give them a firm negative if you arent interested, since they are usually the first to start something.
whos coming to Wang YMCA (Chinatown)
  • There is a chubby older guy here who seems to stay in the locker room forever. Im not sure if he is looking for hookups, but he is sort of slow. i was working out here once, and when i went into the locker room, there was a man sitting on a bench watching him (in reg street clothes). i think it was an employee sent in to keep an eye on the weird guy who hangs around. so if ur looking to hookup, prob stay away from him.

    Commented on 2/25/2009 10:25:14 AM

  • sounds hot. i'll probably try tomorrow

    Commented on 2/20/2009 12:49:56 PM