Sheraton Boston Hotel


39 Dalton Street

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From one of the world's most popular hotel chain, Sheraton Boston Hotel is perfect for those who don't want to take risk when it comes to their accommodation. Be one of the first to experience its $55million- renovation. This hotel is close to Logan International Airport as well as popular attractions for shopping and dining. Paint the town red at gay bars and clubs nearby. The city of Boston is one of the frontiers when it comes to gay rights movement with various celebrations and festivals to honor and fight for gays' freedom. Have a blast by staying at the Sheraton Boston Hotel which is located right at the heart of Boston center. Venues for gay activities are just a few meters from this hotel. Friendly staff will be happy to assist you when looking for gay-friendly attractions and establishments. They can recommend the best gay scenes in the city . Amenities and facilities like sauna and fitness centers are gay-friendly. Experience Sheraton accommodation while in Boston. Strategic location, complete amenities and gay-friendly atmosphere, book a room in one of the best places to stay in Boston.

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  • Take green E line, stop "Prudential". Go via the Prudential mall and enter Sheraton on the 2nd floor passing Hynes convention Center. The 2nd floor is unstaffed so you can walk right in no problems. At the end of the hallway, up 4 carpeted steps is Restroom1 - huge line of urinals and stalls (with reflective floors to see into nextdoor stalls). 10sec round the corner, right next to escalator is Restroom2. Just as good as the previous one. If too busy or full of trolls then take your trade upstairs (stairs right outside restroom2) to the 3rd floor. Restroom3 is smaller and quieter but good for playing in. Restroom is hidden just behind the stairs you ascended. Restroom4 is on the 5th floor (take elevator). Dont enter the area that says "pool" but go the other way. Double entry doors give lots of warning. Best times are around Thur/Fri 430pm-630pm for all 4 restrooms (2nd floors most busy). Huge range of people playing from skinny student twinks to older guys. Just be patient and you will get what you want.

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