Longwood Galleria Foodcourt


Is This Your Business?

5 s side-by-side for great under action. next to handicap has reflective metal so you can see into handicap .

Corner of Longwood Ave and Brookline Avenue
  • (1) Refasten belt around ankles as a good sign you are into it. Also supplement with usual foot-tapping. (2) Occasional security guard so best not to share a - under only for safety. (3) Place is also active at weekends - makes a nice hangout as you can see guys enter from the galleria while you enjoy a spot of lunch. (4) Sometimes trolls overrun the place, but not often thankfully! (5) Not the sort of place you can come and go from often, without being noticed, so just hangout when you are in there. Bring a newspaper or something. (6) If you want to attract young guys dress appropriately young yourself ( wearing expensive designer sneakers and underwear go a LONG way to convincing young guys to play). Good investment for the pleasure it brings. Better than slacks and old-man leather shoes or mono-colored sneakers! Trust me, never underestimate the power of vanity ;) (7) If you can hear the breathing of the guy in the next he is either fat/old/sick. (8) If the guy has no leg-hair he is probably old or asian. (9) Always be aware of someone entering the door, and know that you are fast enough to get up in time. (10) Lookout for discolorations on a guys - probably means he is diseased, especially red patches on head or shaft. Also watch for little bumps at the base of the head (genital warts perhaps). Better to be paranoid than not!
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