Toohey Forest


Toohey Road

Is This Your Business?

update 22/2/2010: Young (25-35yo) gay guys go here afternoons and evenings, mature men (Bi & gay) mainly 10am-3pm and tradesmen/workmen (Straight & Bi) early in the morning before 8am wanting quick BJ on way to work. You can wait near carpark or at pathway , make eye contact with guys when they park or when walking up the pathway/trails.

Neighbourhood: Salisbury

Who's Coming

Mainly married and older guys.

Head south from Brisbane's CBD to Tarrangindi then up and into the car park off Toohey Rd. Catch No's 112,113 or 120 bus (City-Garden City every 30 mins all day) and walk 7 mins from Tarrangindi Fruit Shop bus stop. 200m up to Cross street: Barnehurst Street then 100 metres and into small car park on left side of busy Toohey Rd.
  • Crowd:Mainly Bi & married and older men 5am - 3pm then it's mainly 25-40yo gay guys until late evening.
  • Directions:11 km south of Brisbane's CBD Drive up into the small car park
    Cross street: Barnehurst Street
  • Hours:Working men go there on their way to work then throughout the day it's all sorts but mostly gay(ish).Weekends have family groups walking the trails.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Be alert and use eye contact. BE DISCREET
  • see Warnings - as " the public " uses this park - joggers,cyclists,mum/dad/kids walking+hiking. Start on left side past the water drink tap and walk up the right side dirt/gravel/pebble terraced trail (the left side trail is the long way up and around BUT more picturesque , some prefer this path as it's easier to make eye contact or say hello ) to the top of the hill. Sit on one of the benches at the top or on any rock ? and wait and......hope.
    Cruisiest Spots: From the path take right side trail at the "fork in the road" - the gravel terrace - and look up at 1st rocky outcrop for " the ones that can't be bothered going all the way ". Keep going and follow path up to the top then around 100m more to the Western Outcrop. Look for the marked signpost. This 100 m track is the most busy or walk back around to the 1st outcrop or wander around on other pathways. No big trees or thick bushes but there are many rocky outcrops (and lizards !!)
  • WARNINGS :Be careful of police in unmarked cars at night also plain clothes (always young and very fit and very hetrosexual policemen) do the day/afternoon shift here. Women and children from nearby suburb regulary take short cut through to and from Tarrangindi shops. EVERONE has a mobile phone and even 6yo kids know how to press 000 and police will definately respond in under 10 minutes. Believe it !!! Council Rangers and work crews come every Tuesday 10am-2pm for clean up's and regeneration the bush/gardening work, so don't bother as nobody stops when Council vehicles in car park. Sometimes rangers come on Fridays as well but i've been told that they usually checking on native plant (and lizards?) thieves but when they see many used on the ground and espcially on pathways then they report to the police and in next weeks you will have many (Surprise,surprise !) of those really fit and "nice looking" young men walking everywhere about. BE SAFE and do it only with the "oldies" and "fatties" but then they will hardly ever ask for your name and address. Boring !!!!!!!
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