Brisbane Gay Toilelts, Washrooms

  • Kelvin Grove Urban Village Car Park Toilets

    , Brisbane

    Very discreet and quiet location. Three cubicles with the urinals in front. Cubical on the far right is very large and plenty of room to get together in.

    rating of Kelvin Grove Urban Village Car Park Toilets
  • The Barracks Palace Cinemas

    52 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane , Brisbane

    A new shopping centre has nice, modern and clean toilet facilities. There are several on site, however the best chance of action occurs in the ones closest to the car park escalator. Close to public t ...

    rating of The Barracks ("Palace Cinemas")
  • University of Queensland

    University of Queensland , Brisbane

    A nice place with some quiet toilets which are suitable for making love with some young gays in the uni.

    rating of University of Queensland
  • Cultural Centre Busway Public Toilets

    South Brisbane , Brisbane

    Cultural Center public toilets behind the city bound Bus-way station attached to the art gallery/ museum complex near the fountain. It has big brown steel door for an entrance and is the only male pub ...

    rating of Cultural Centre Busway Public Toilets
  • Rowes Arcade Toilets

    Inside Rowes Arcade. , Brisbane

    The toilets are separated into 3 parts, the Washroom as you walk in, and in the next part on the left is 2 cubicals seperated not next to each other. You can just see under the door, so dont stand to ...

    rating of Rowes Arcade Toilets
  • Southbank Toilets

    In the city, at Southbank , Brisbane

    Private cubicles and public shower area.
    No security, frequent .
    Crowd: Swimmers, mainly young, fit, male swimmers!

    rating of Southbank Toilets
  • Honour Ave Toilets

    honour ave yeronga , Brisbane

    No but one to be made soon. Non-stop at night, go to the park behind for privacy or enjoy a gang bang.
    Crowd: Young, college boys, older white collar.

    rating of Honour Ave Toilets
  • Waterford Public Toilets

    Between Fitzy's hotel and the river in Waterford , Brisbane

    I stumbled across it by accident. Walked in to do a and wash my hands, the sink is beside the cubicle , as I went to wash my hands, I noticed the cubicle door open, with a low-20's aged guy just . He ...

    rating of Waterford Public Toilets
  • Post Office Square toilets

    Post Office Square , Brisbane

    Three cubicles, middle one doesn't lock. Looks like there's some activity here. Plenty of notes left on the walls.

    rating of Post Office Square toilets
  • Park Road Toilets

    Park Rd at the rear of La Dolce Vita , Brisbane

    The has its own cubicle so there are three cubicles including the trough.
    Crowd: all types.

    rating of Park Road Toilets