Everything Adult Cinema


93 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane

Is This Your Business?

Downstairs at "Everything Adult" shop. $10.00 entry per day. It has a small lounge area with a big TV screen, and a main cinema with about 20 seats, plus 3 private booths down left side - 3rd booth with a . All show different movies to each other. Toilet facilities through curtain and also there is small room with purple light next to men's toilet so very easy to play or ' willing ' customers. Be discreet. M/F couples apparently go there to play at times but not very often , late afternoon and evenings but mostly Sat - Sun. Crowd: All types, young to the elderly , but really very few ( Rare = None ) under 25 yr old ' straight looking ' guys. Almost all men are 30 yr old Plus+. Believe it !!!!

Neighbourhood: Opposite Myer Centre

Who's Coming

All types, young to the elderly.

Adult features

Glory Hole, Dark Room,

Additional Info


Cross street: Albert Street.Go in front enterance ( Yellow building opposite Myer Centre ) pay $10 at counter and walk down to the back of shop on right side and you must PRESS BUZZER then door will click open.Go down the stairs and turn left into small front Video lounge and then into main air-con cinema.
  • Crowd:All types, young ( but not straight acting )to the elderly. 90% are 30's - 60's gay or bi.
  • Directions:Cross street: Albert Street . Yellow building opposite ( back )Myer Centre
  • Hours:Open 9am til late 7 days a week.
    Best times: Any time is very hit or miss - lunchtimes 12 - 2 pm , then after 4pm and Sat & Sun is probably the best. Some afternoons only 2 or 3 sitting in cinema
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Just play with yourself or just pretend :) - if they're interested they will let you know.Go into one of the 3 booths and leave door open , if he doesn't follow and you keep door open then 1 or more gay guys will pounce to you off. $10 for THAT !! or maybe you prefer NOT to blow your $10 with " Oh please , i'm gay and i'm sorry if you're confused "
    Cruisiest Spots: Private booths ( be alert ) also the room and passage way to toilets and the standing only section ( he's standing , you're not !! )at back wall up against the video lounge room on enterance.
  • Wheelchair Accessible: No
  • Warnings:Too many gay guys who do NOT know when no means exactly that! But in last 3 months of 2009 , the management cracked down on ' Pests ' and will kick out anyone pestering the paying customers. Also straight or bi men pestering M/F couple. This is not a ' GAY SPACE '!! At your gay place or in every left-wing government funded Gay & Lesbian publication you can find those " spaces ". As of January 2010 , more ordinary sensible guys and couples on weekends are returning after staying away in 2009 because of the pestering.
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