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221 Brunswick Street , Fortitude Valley

Is This Your Business?

Opened in January 2010 by same owners of the 93 Elizabeth St shop. Same price of $10 per day - upstairs lounge
Crowd: Mainly 30's - 60's y.o. bi and gay guys. As only recently opened/renovated so probably will take some months to get more known about but just like other similar cinemas , the under 30 y.o's 'straight acting ' guys will rarely visit. Rare=None !! Maybe the young crowd are into ' new technology ' e.g. 2 PC (sorry,laptop) , 2 mobile phone etc etc. For $10 it's OK and with main video lounge ( not really a cinema - no rows of seats ) and another seperate video room with big cushioned chairs (nice !!) , a upstairs/downstairs 5 s ' sucking ' area and next to staircase enterance is seperate area of 6 brand new white video cubicles (no between ) and 3 other booths with mattressed bunks , so it's good value and then you decide yourself about the ' real value ' !!! Hmmmmm !!

Neighbourhood: Brisbane CBD

Who's Coming

Mainly bi and gay guys. Although it is a 'straight'swingers place.

Adult features

Glory Hole, Dark Room,

Additional Info


Brunswick St - main street in Fortitude Valley ( 1km from CBD of Brisbane ). 221 is a yellow signed building opposite and 5 shops ( 20m )on the right from train station enterance. Pay $10 at front counter of book/video shop , then get buzzed in right there next to front door and walk up stairs to air-con lounge area.
  • Crowd:Mainly mature bi and gay guys. Some M/F couples maybe late afternoon/early evenings but more likely on Sat & Sun.
  • Directions. Opposite Fortitude Valley Railway Station ( 1 stop from Central Station ).Cross street: ST Paul's terrace
  • Hours: 10 am - 10 pm , maybe midnight some nights ?. Best times: Lunchtimes and after 4 pm Mon-Fri. Sat & Sundays are similar but maybe get M/F couples or curious bi/straight men.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Just cruise or sit in comfortable big lounge chair and watch. Make eye contact. Let people know what you want. Be discreet. Same policy as with Elizabeth St cinema - pestering will not be tolerated and if complained about , you will be thrown out and so GOOD RIDDANCE !! Cruisiest Spots : Everywhere but more so at back cubicle area and at the (upstairs/downstairs hole in the wall black curtained area) at back of main lounge area.Nudity / Policy:It is a straight and Bi-swingers place. Respect those around you (see above)but have fun. Stand or sit with door open at a cubicle or other mattressed booths and play with your or just make friendly eye contact. If he is interested then you will know it and if he is NOT , you will also know it.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / Steep front enterance stairs.
  • Warnings & Dangers: Don't pester or touch when he is NOT INTERESTED. Also summer time in Brisbane sometimes has very hot days 32-37 degree( Nov - Mar ) and air-con OK in main lounge but not so good either side so drink plenty of water if staying inside for hours in afternoon.
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