Bronx Gay Cruising Areas

  • Mullaly Park

    John Mullaly Park , Bronx

    The Park is dark at nights. Most action happens under the bleachers. If you want some privacy, go down the steps.

    rating of Mullaly Park
  • Reservior Oval Park

    , Bronx

    Lots of dark areas to go, very quiet, no patrols, and if police ever do enter, visible from just about all areas.
    Crowd: All types and ages, mostly young, late teens.

    rating of Reservior Oval Park
  • Bronx Park

    Between Gun Hill Road and Mosholu , Bronx

    Northern end of the original Bronx Park: the part that was not incorporated into the Botanical Garden. Close to busy streets and ball park, but still isolated by the Bronx River and Bronx Parkway.

    rating of Bronx Park
  • Pelham Bay Park-Orchard Beach

    , Bronx

    This is a listing that combine Pelham Bay Park and its adjacent beach called Orchard Beach. Visit /vt_pelham_bay_park.html> for a detail ...

    rating of Pelham Bay Park-Orchard Beach
  • Fordham Road Subway Station

    Fordham Rd. Station on the D train line , Bronx

    Subway Station which is very cruisy and quite active-blowjobs, , orgies,etc.
    Crowd: All types...mostly younger Latinos, several gyms in the area, several colleges, most colleges and gyms open late ...

    rating of Fordham Road Subway Station
  • Zerega Ave Industrial Park

    Zerega Avenue , Bronx

    All on the street. Industrial area of warehouses and factories that operate during the day. Deserted at night. Never see any cops, so it looks cool.
    Crowd: Not too far from Whitestone Bridge. Exit ...

    rating of Zerega Ave. Industrial Park
  • Macys

    1441 Metropolitan Ave , Bronx

    Crowd: alot of good sucking and j/o

    rating of Macy's
  • Lehman College Davis Hall

    250 Bedford Park Boulevard West , Bronx

    Stalls towards the rear behind a dividing wall. You have to walk through 2 doors to get to the washroom, so theres some notice. Please be diiscreet. Leaving notes on the wall isn't a good idea here if ...

    rating of Lehman College Davis Hall
  • Warehouse Building

    2417 Third Avenue , Bronx

    Warehouse building located in the South Bronx. Always able to get a good lunch time . Lots of hot black and latino guys. Also a lot of blue collar workers and delivery guys. Not a lot of traffic but ...

    rating of Warehouse Building
  • Van Courtlandt Park

    , Bronx

    his park is amazing and huge. there is so much more than the parking lot by the golf course. I was just there last sunday in the middle of winter with full 6 inches of snow and still got off. I usuall ...

    rating of Van Courtlandt Park