Buffalo Gay Cruising Areas

  • Erie Community College South Campus Building 2

    4041 Southwestern Blvd, Buffalo

    In the 2nd floor mens bathroom of Building 2 there is a in the stalls. there are only two stalls so its easy to find. It is very nice sized hole.

    rating of Erie Community College South Campus Building 2.

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  • Clarence gloryhole

    , Buffalo

    in wich you get off
    Crowd: men seeking action. Truckers from pembrook truck stop are welcom!

    rating of Clarence gloryhole

    4251 Votes

  • Tillman Road Wildlife Park

    , Buffalo

    Wooded area with nature trails.
    Crowd: Guys of all types.

    rating of Tillman Road Wildlife Park

    5789 Votes

  • Metro Bus Station

    North & South Division, Buffalo

    rating of Metro Bus Station

    2450 Votes

  • Delaware Hoyt Lake Park

    Behind Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo

    Park atmosphere.. Very sunny perfect place to lay out if your wanting some SUN or !
    Crowd: HOT YOUNG MEN with big . People tanning on the hills. Walking their dogs. Runners, men 18-40 and in shape.

    rating of Delaware (Hoyt Lake)  Park

    2196 Votes

  • University of Buffalo North Campus Student Union

    Amherst, Buffalo

    Crowd: mostly students, some older guys from around town

    rating of University of Buffalo North Campus Student Union

    4472 Votes

  • Jimmys Truck Stop

    , Buffalo


    rating of Jimmy's Truck Stop

    4985 Votes

  • Metro Rail - LRT

    , Buffalo

    ooking for some on the way to work, going home from work, after shopping or after the club? For all you guys who are riders on the subway or light rail rapid transit, it is becoming a huge trend to r ...

    rating of Metro Rail - LRT

    1757 Votes

  • Como Park

    , Buffalo

    county park
    Crowd: older guys , younger ,almost every kind of guy

    rating of Como Park

    1597 Votes

  • Buffalo State College EH Butler Library 3rd floor

    1300 Elmwood, Buffalo

    no s here just leave message in the handicap on the wall if interested set up time then on wall
    Crowd: college students

    rating of Buffalo State College E.H, Butler Library 3rd floor

    2359 Votes