Campinas Gay Cruising Areas

  • Praca Carlos Gomes

    Anchieta Ave. with General Osorio Street , Campinas

    Its an old garden square in the heart of downtown. Old trees and plants provides dark spots for hot action.
    Crowd: During the day, mostly blue collar types. In the night, all kind of people.

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  • Mercado Municipal

    Just follow the Traffic Signs , Campinas

    A Municipal Lavatory - not the cleanest, but.... Long stainless steel trough and about six cubicles.
    Crowd: Mixed crowd of local workers, lads to oldies.

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  • Largo das Andorinhas

    Rua Barao de Jaguara/Rua Sacramento , Campinas

    They say that Campinas is the gayest city in Brazil!! A square where the locals stroll in the evening looking for a pickup.
    Crowd: Mixed crowd - mainly youngsters

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  • Largo do Rosario

    Avenida Francisco Glicerio , Campinas

    Square in three sections where cruising takes place. The Western end where the Cinema is the cruisiet for thos looking for the mature.
    Crowd: Mixed Crowd

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