Caracas Gay Bars Clubs

  • Tasca Pullman

    Av. Francisco Solano, In the Ovidio Building, Lower level, Local G, Caracas

    Tipical bar, 100% gay friendly.
    Crowd: Mixed ages

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    1950 Votes

  • In out

    San Ignacio Mall at La Castellana, Caracas

    t has a big crowd On fridays & saturdays it can be difficult to get in...but with a little patience... You have to pay a cover which generally includes all the drinks (very bad quality try ...

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    1281 Votes

  • Triskel

    Centro Comercial La Placette, Av. San Juan Bosco con 3a. Transversal, Caracas

    his is a disco bar with two dancing areas, the place is actually small, Techno music on one side and mixed (Pop, Salsa, Merengue, Dance) music on the other one, there is also a room where you may watc ...

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    2076 Votes

  • Dos Barras

    Pasaje Asuncion (between Av. Abraham Lincoln and Casanova, near the Plaza Venezuela and Sabana Grand, Caracas

    Popular bar. Food available. Dance.
    Crowd: Gay Male clientele, all ages.

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    1239 Votes

  • La Fragata

    Calle Villaflor, Sabana Grande Boulevard, Caracas

    disco full of music, traditional venezuelan music, bar, 100% gay friendly, if you want to meet real hot latin young men this is the place for you.
    Crowd: Mixed ages, mostly young gaymen, few old m ...

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    1795 Votes

  • Azul Tequila

    Prolongacion Sur, Avenida Las Acacias, Caracas

    This is a bar, disco and hotel place, all in one, shows at night, streepers, dragqueens, movies, 100% gay friendly for gay people only.
    Crowd: Mixed ages.

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    1250 Votes

  • Copas

    Calle Guaicaipuro, Torre Taeca, Caracas

    his is a disco-bar place, 100% gay, excellent music combining the new and the best of all times music, good drinks, shows, beautifull bartenders. Hotels near the zone and restaurants, taxis, valet par ...

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    1460 Votes

  • Revolution

    Av. Principal de Los Cortijos de Lourdes, Edifcio Los Hermanos, Sotano, Caracas

    here are three main areas with different music. Techno, Reto and Latin Music. They usually have shows with national or international artists.
    Hay tres areas con musica diferente cada una: Electroni ...

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    2454 Votes

  • La Cotorra

    Centro Comercial Paseo Las Mercedes, Caracas

    Bar and disco, very relaxing place.
    Crowd: Mature and young gaymen, mostly mature people.

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    1486 Votes