Cebu City Gay Bars Clubs

  • Lamarino Club

    near the bridge in Mandaue, Cebu City

    This is a strip bar. There are two in Cebu and this one has the best looking guys. Didn't see any complete nudity.

    rating of Lamarino Club

    2731 Votes

  • Navigator Club

    near Lamarino Club, Cebu City

    One of two male strip bars in Cebu. Both are close to each other. No full nudity.
    Crowd: mixed

    rating of Navigator Club

    3700 Votes

  • Naughty Kah Restobar

    11 Cuenco Avenue, Cebu City

    acho dancing bar with about 20 guys on weekends. It is in Cebu city so the boys are more restricted on what they can show or do. Cebu has stricter laws. The bars that show more are in the suburb citie ...

    rating of Naughty Kah Restobar

    2638 Votes

  • The Host 78 Bar

    Maxilom "Mango" Ave, Cebu City

    This is a Macho dancing bar with about 10 guys on weekdays and 20 on weekends. Ok as far as macho dancing bars go.

    rating of The Host 78 Bar

    3269 Votes