Charleston Gay Cruising Areas

  • Kroger

    500 Delaware ave. , Charleston

    This is a great place to be discreet and have some fun! It's a grocery store which makes it less obvious that ur there, and plenty of fish to choose from.

    rating of Kroger
  • Joplin Park

    Kanawha Tpk , Charleston

    City park with restrooms behind basketball court. Big parking lot to park in. Looks to have some serious possibilities. Probably best to hook up there and take the action elsewhere.

    rating of Joplin Park
  • Target Restrooms

    30 RHL Blvd. , Charleston

    Crowd: Everyone.

    rating of Target Restrooms
  • Kanawha County Public Library

    123 Capitol Street , Charleston

    It's a small restroom, with only one . Don't bother with the , and just wait by the urinals or sink. If your friend joins you, you both can stand inconspicuously and still be able to j/o, etc. is not ...

    rating of Kanawha County Public Library
  • Lowes Home Improvement

    1000 Nitro Market Place , Charleston

    Cruisy bathroom. Some gay employees and guys looking for release. Hit and miss.
    Crowd: Contruction guys, mariied, and business guys on lunch.

    rating of Lowe's Home Improvement
  • Coonskin Park

    , Charleston

    The park restrooms are rather secluded. When driving into the park turn left at the point where road to main picnic areas goes right. The toilet has two s with a between them also peepholes viewing f ...

    rating of Coonskin Park
  • Charleston Town Centerl Kaufmanns JC Penneys

    3000 Charleston Town Center , Charleston

    Either go in the , and start jacking off, so the other guy can see the shadow of you jacking, and then they will either motion for it under the or you may be asked to come over and they will open the ...

    rating of Charleston Town Centerl Kaufmann's, JC Penney's
  • Daniel Boone Park

    , Charleston

    A Boy Scouts' house below, near the river, is a good place at night to get naked and jack off...or anything else, That is after you meet at the park, of course. Get head, and give it.
    Crowd: All me ...

    rating of Daniel Boone Park