Chicago Gay Cruising Areas

  • Olive Park

    , Chicago

    Area surrounded by iron fences, located between Ohio St. beach and Navy pier. Closes at 11 pm, three areas of bushes, active. Found it frequented by locals/visitors; just get in the bushes, no paths t ...

    rating of Olive Park
  • Riverside Leisure Park

    Univ. of Chicago/ River Campus , Chicago

    Quiet park setting with lots of areas to stroll, benches provided to chat and...Undiscovered beauty spot.
    Crowd: Local businessmen, university crowd; after the bars' crowd.

    rating of Riverside Leisure Park
  • OHare Airport CTA Station

    , Chicago

    Bathrooms near train station in the airport. Follow signs to 'Trains to City'. Always someone in there. My last visit had three guys showing hard at the , including a flight attendant and hunky Asian ...

    rating of O'Hare Airport (CTA Station)
  • Loyola University Lake Shore Camppus Cudahy Science Hall lower level

    6525 N. Sheridan lakeshore campus , Chicago

    No s, under action. Urinals across from s; great way to show the person in the s your meat; if they like it they may open the door. Always look for clues that they want the same...standing at too lo ...

    rating of Loyola University Lake Shore Camppus Cudahy Science Hall, lower level
  • Marquette Park

    , Chicago

    The park has two cruisy areas. During the day, cross the bridge on the east side of Kedzie to area opposite the golf course.
    After dark, use the bridge opposite the out house to cross to the 'isla ...

    rating of Marquette Park
  • Metcalfe Federal Building

    77 West Jackson Blvd. , Chicago

    Guys will usually connect at the urinals.If it is really quiet, action will occur right there, if not, many take it up one
    floor to the restroom next to the social security office.
    Crowd: Deliv ...

    rating of Metcalfe Federal Building
  • Shabonna Park Pool

    , Chicago

    Guys make eye contact in the showers and move off into the stalls for action. Lots of great-looking Polish men. No one seems
    to patrol the facilities, so action not likely to be interrupted. Part C ...

    rating of Shabonna Park Pool
  • Waveland Clock Tower

    3601 N. Recreation Drive , Chicago

    Some golfers coming in on occasion. There is a crack at the doorway to see if others are coming into the restroom.
    Crowd: Young, old, all kinds.

    rating of Waveland Clock Tower
  • California Park

    , Chicago

    Young tennis players hit against backboard alone and non-tennis players sit alone on the bench on the other side of the fence nearest the river (very close to the court). If two tennis players are the ...

    rating of California Park
  • University of Illinois at Chicago Lincoln Hall

    east side of campus (north end of library) , Chicago

    Crowd: Mostly college guys, but all types of guys.

    rating of University of Illinois at Chicago Lincoln Hall