Cincinnati Gay Cruising Areas

  • Burnett Woods

    , Cincinnati

    Lots of paths in the woods for good times.
    Crowd: All kinds of men looking to and . Hustlers, older, businessmen.

    rating of Burnett Woods

    3716 Votes

  • Barnes and Nobles

    7800 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati

    talls have a 3" gap between each one. Someone entering the handicapped gets an eyeful if they're interested. Only the bold can hook up there, but I have put on a j/o display and received several in r ...

    rating of Barnes and Nobles

    3837 Votes

  • Eden Park Reflecting Pool

    , Cincinnati

    he reflecting pool is nice in the warm months and the view of the Ohio river valley can't be beat. Shirtless runners and jock boys playing frisbee make it all the better. The men's room is a good plac ...

    rating of Eden Park Reflecting Pool

    2233 Votes

  • UC Teachers College

    UC Teachers College, Cincinnati

    Four stalls in the restroom. Two s connect the first three stalls. Lots of action during the day.
    Crowd: students and older

    rating of UC Teachers College

    3980 Votes

  • Mt Airy Forest

    Colerain Ave, Cincinnati

    ome hot in public bathrooms but if you can find a fallen down tree or cove in the woods, this is best. Young dudes like to get naked and some go there to take pornographic pictures.
    Crowd: Young c ...

    rating of Mt. Airy Forest

    3575 Votes

  • Public Library Downtown

    800 Vine Street, Cincinnati

    Crowd: Young guys.

    rating of Public Library Downtown

    1816 Votes

  • Mt Echo Park

    , Cincinnati

    rating of Mt Echo Park

    3112 Votes

  • Milford Parking Lots

    Parking lots behind businesses on Milford Parkway, Cincinnati

    ery silent and virtually no interruptions. Cops never check back there. Never more than a car driving by on the road far away. I have gotten on my boyfriend several times without any hitches.
    Crowd ...

    rating of Milford Parking Lots

    2856 Votes

  • Tower Place Mall Food Court

    28 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati

    This restroom is 'quiet' enough for under the blow jobs. If you score, you can share a if one person puts his feet up.
    Crowd: Businessmen, shoppers, mall employees.

    rating of Tower Place Mall Food Court

    1832 Votes

  • Bigg

    Eastgate Blvd., Cincinnati

    oth restrooms have three s, most
    activity in middle and last (handcapped)
    . The usual foot tapping applies.
    Entrance does not provide much warning.

    Crowd: Mostly older blue collar. ...

    rating of Bigg

    1592 Votes