Cleveland Gay Cruising Areas

  • Case Western Reserve University School of Law

    School of Law on East Blvd, Cleveland

    have seen college frat boys getting done by construction workers in this room! It can be hit or miss, but when it is hot, it is hot!
    Crowd: College guys, law students, and a ton of hot, hunky cons ...

    rating of Case Western Reserve University School of Law

    1717 Votes

  • Richmond Town Square Sears

    631 Richmond Rd, Cleveland

    All types og guys. Mostly older, but some young things come looking for their to be :-0
    Crowd: Mall .

    rating of Richmond Town Square Sears

    2091 Votes

  • Case Western Reserve Clark Hall

    10900 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland

    his toilet has a lock on the door. Be patient and you'll get a big surprise, in the form of a nice meaty to chew on. I have had a few very hot times there -- including bending over and taking it with ...

    rating of Case Western Reserve Clark Hall

    1543 Votes

  • Cleveland Public Library

    Downtown, across from the Hyatt/Old Arcade, Cleveland

    Two cubicles for private . Clean environment for all-day hot .
    Crowd: College students, black, white, Latin, young, middle-aged, get the point.

    rating of Cleveland Public Library

    2717 Votes

  • Cleveland State University University Center

    2121 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland

    here used to be s but now those are gone. There are private cubicles. Outside of the bathroom is a dispenser so use your imagination of what goes on. Lots of non-stop , lots of blowjobs, as well as ...

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    3879 Votes

  • North Chagrin Reservation Metropark

    , Cleveland

    rating of North Chagrin Reservation Metropark

    2988 Votes

  • Gordon Park

    8701 Lakeshore Blvd., NE, Cleveland

    t's a park that is not 'patroled' by state rangers. Maybe a cleveland p.d. car once a day and thats about it. Not monitored like other parks. There used to be a path and trails that led off into the r ...

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    2342 Votes

  • Brookside Park

    , Cleveland

    Paths and wooded areas available.
    Crowd: Many different types.

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    1611 Votes

  • Cleveland Rapid Transit Trains

    , Cleveland

    ooking for some on the way to work, going home from work, after shopping or after the club? For all you guys who are riders on the subway or light rail rapid transitit is becoming a huge trend to rid ...

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    1666 Votes

  • Edgewater Park

    , Cleveland

    t's a rest room in a park on Lake Erie, smells awful, has s, and cut gay guys pass through it all the time. It's also known to the cops. Most guys who traipse through there are trolls.`Some are really ...

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    2623 Votes